What does "stunning" mean to you? The actual definition of stunning is: "Extremely impressive or attractive". What a perfect description to look for, when focused on the interior of your home, don’t you think so?

Now that the weather begins to get colder, for many of us the autumn and the winter are the seasons in which the fireplace becomes the center of our home. If you've decided to use a fireplace, here we offer you some "stunning ideas" to inspire and motivate you. Whether it's free-standing or two-sided, mounted on the wall or embedded in modern or classical furniture, each one will become a place where people gather for more than the warmth...

Two-sided fireplace

Do you have a "floating" wall that needs stand out? Install a magnificent two-sided contemporary fireplace on the wall! This, on the one hand, will increase the effect of your fireplace, because you can enjoy the fire from different angles, and on the other hand, it will give character to the room.

Fireplace on a stone wall

We all have seen fireplaces where the frame of the fireplace is made of stone from the floor to the ceiling; however, imagine how impressive it would be when the stone is laid from the floor to the ceiling, from one end to the other - across the wall. Then the fireplace’s wall becomes instantly the focus of this space, where no other decor is needed.

Built-in in low furniture

This is an increasingly preferred option by designers. It allows us to bring the coziness and atmosphere of real fire, even in a small room. However, if you have small children or pets, consider this option better.

Free-standing fireplace

Why should the fireplace be kept in the wall when it can literally be the center of attention? Unbelievable performance of a circular fireplace, successfully imitating the recently fashionable visible concrete, floating in a modern space with plenty of straight angles.

Which of the fireplace suits you best? 🙂


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