Apartment Starbucks

  • Starbucks-nursery
  • Starbucks-bathroom
  • Starbucks-bedroom
  • Starbucks-kitchen-4
  • Starbucks-kitchen-3
  • Starbucks-kitchen-2
  • Starbucks-kitchen-1
  • Starbucks-livingroom-1
  • Starbucks-livingroom-2
  • Starbucks-livingroom-3
  • Starbucks-entre

The apartment is designed for home of a young family and is located in the center of the bulgarian capital - Sofia. The apartment is filled with light and space, the white color used as a base visually increases the space, and accent colors bring the feeling of warmth and coziness needed for every home.

Everything is interesting in the project: soft shades, unobtrusive accents, contemporary shapes and invoices, where marble dominates. The laconicity of the kitchen makes it practically indistinguishable, giving the interior elegance and minimalism.

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