At first glance, the topic of light switches sounds dull and uninteresting, but the truth is that along with the overall development of technology, these devices are also experiencing a renaissance, and the choice of the most appropriate model among them is no longer limited to the color of the frame, but it is connected with the overall construction of the electrical installation of the dwelling as well as with the integration of a single system for controlling lighting, electrical appliances and even controlling the access into individual rooms.

Our ever-growing energy efficiency needs cause modern switches to look like minicomputers, offering a wide range of control functions! For example, full-scale dimming, delayed fading from ON to OFF, start / stop mode, controlled by motion or occupancy sensors of the room, etc.

Remote controlling the lighting or household appliances is already a fact. With specially designed applications, one can control home lighting through their smartphone, thus simulating presence in the home and protecting against undesired visitors.

Especially for you, we gathered in one place different models of light switches - from retro models, through modern switches, to models, for which some of the latest state-of-the-art technologies are used. We will be glad if you share which one you liked the most 🙂

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