We will introduce you to an interesting trend in carpet design, namely - laying carpets on top of each other! The idea is to put a carpet on the bottom, for example with a base of jute or other natural fibers in natural color, and on top of it a carpet with an entirely different textile. You will also see for yourselves that this style definitely gives a designer look to the space and it adds extra depth and texture.

When laying carpets in one room, you can put a traditional Persian carpet as a base, and on top of it - even a leather one. Another interesting combination is a beautiful Moroccan rug, laid on a jute carpet or natural sisal. Placing a neutral carpet as a foundation highlights and allows the formation of a more complex top layer of carpets.

And though a multitude of carpets may sound eclectic and even bohemian, we think it is better to stick to the option with up to two carpets on top of each other.

Well, what do you think about this idea?

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