Bright office for a creative mind

Bright office for a creative mind


The ideal balance between functionality and individuality has been found in this project, resulting in the creation of this space that is fully satisfying the needs of the occupants.

A worthy ornament at the entrance of the room is a wall with the logo of the shared space, which hints at the design laboratory organization of space. The large spacious room wins at first glance with its elegant radiance. The decoration is sparkling, the colors are neutral. Once you have crossed the threshold, you already know that you are in the right place.

The main hall of the office is divided into several zones; purely from a design point of view, we can distinguish a living room, a dining room and a recreation area. The composition is complemented by separate training and event rooms, and a conference room for meetings and discussions.

The base of the interior is designed in white, supplemented by different trendy textures. White ceiling and walls with wood accents, minimalist design and matt finish, white technological flooring that adds coziness to the interior.

Everything here can be touched, tested, selected and compared for the purpose of the creative process. A true design "laboratory"  that includes all sorts of materials and product samples. Dwellers are simply doomed to experiment with tastes and textures from all around the world, and the modern clean design in white and black has concealed in itself all that is necessary for the purpose.

The modern look of the office is made up of stylish furnishings by leading designers. At the heart of the concept of suspended chairs is a reference to classical art, read in a modern way. Everything in the interior is specially selected. The multifunctional public space encourages the interaction between the inhabitants and makes the atmosphere more dynamic.

The abundant access to daylight is provided by wide windows. A brilliant atmosphere is maintained with the help of illuminators, distinguished by their diversity and peculiarities. Lighting above the main work areas is provided by pendulums which are specially selected for the space. This is because, as well as contributing to a quality work environment, they are equipped with sound-proofing to reduce noise during discussions.

Handmade, made in Bulgaria details from natural materials show the beauty of the decorative elements in the modern interior. The playful citrus plants represent positive spirit and creativity. And the natural landscape of the area where the office is located inspires and predisposes to a peaceful, fruitful and creative day.

The space perfectly fits the modern person who leads a dynamic lifestyle. A place of beauty and luxury that artists deserve. They work hard and know how to have fun. We can only have the pleasure to rejoice for the inhabitants of this place, because they have the opportunity to work, communicate and develop their habits in a design environment!

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