Every one of us would like to bring some piece of nature into their home and enjoy the greenery of living plants, sitting comfortably in his chair. An original way of realizing this idea is by planting a flower or a suitable type of grass in an existing light fitting or adapting a new one. Surely the effect of such a hanging garden will be impressive and it would become the accent of the room. An example for a similar creation is the famous Babylon Light, which, according to its author, designer Ryan Tyler, can be used as a piece of a nature reserve or as a herbal garden above the kitchen counter. A matter of choice…

Of course, certain technical security measures and some knowledge of the compatibility and conditions, necessary for growing the relevant plant species are needed to realize such an idea. As the designer himself says, there is a balance between 3 things: a functional luminaire, a suitable pot for plants and visual aesthetics!

Here are some variants of such lamps that we hope will intrigue you!

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