The carpet – is it something warm and fluffy or something we're stumbling into and collecting dust? This is the first issue when it comes to the need for a carpet. Of course, it is not the only one, but our goal here is first and foremost to look at the benefit of them and that is why we will only highlight the positive aspects of having a carpet in our home.

The oldest carpet in the world, supposed to be over 2000 years old, is Pazyryk. It was discovered by archaeologists in the grave of a Scythian prince in 1949 in the Siberian mountains. The reason why the carpet was preserved and withstood the trials of time is the thick layer of ice it was under.

Carpets, even on their own, are wonderful. And when properly embedded in the interior can transform it exceptionally. Not surprisingly, the Scandinavians, and more precisely the Swedes, are the superior carpet makers... The reason why is simply because of the need to put something warm on the cold floor during the long Scandinavian winters.

Besides helping to separate the interior space, carpets also help to absorb noise. If you've ever been in a very noisy restaurant, look at the floor - you probably will not see a carpet anywhere.

Anyway, the reasons we use carpets in our homes are numerous. If you're like most people, then your home is far from perfect and one of the options to make it look better is to look for a carpet. Here are three reasons why it is worthwhile to consider whether you need an unusual and interesting carpet in your home.

Putting a carpet on the floor brings color and style to our homes. If your floor is dark or at best boring, you can use a carpet to fix this problem. This way, spending a small sum, you could refresh and improve the look of the room.

Carpets are a means of concealing imperfections or defects in your home. This includes everything from pet stains to mechanical damage to the flooring. Whatever it is - it can be covered with a carpet. This may not be the final solution to the problem, but it could be quick and cheap.

Another reason to use carpets is just to keep your floor clean. Many people place carpets in rooms leading to the front door. In this way the carpet is the first place on which to step, entering from the outside.

We do expect to read your opinion – are you for or against carpets? 🙂

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