Recently, wallpapers have been taking an increasingly bigger part in interior designers' projects as a means of creating a particular atmosphere or simply as an accent – no matter if it is a residential or a public interior. There is an interesting trend to use them even in bathrooms and toilets – places, where we are usually used to seeing tiles.

If you've decided to add a "new aroma" to one of the rooms in your home, the wallpapers are the ones you should start with. They are decisive when choosing other details of the décor. With so many different variants, it is not hard to find the thing that will appeal to you and fit best in your home. To make your search easier, we'll try to synthesize and offer you some designs and colors that you can refresh your home.

Besides the most common paper wallpapers, there are textile ones (silk, jacquard, velvet) as well as those, made of natural materials - water lily leaves, abaca, bamboo, bark of various exotic trees with built in natural stones, etc. Of course, the designs are countless - from plain models, through those with floral and geometric figures, to the wallpapers imitating the skin of different animals.

With their help, you could turn your home into a place of extremely modern design, or an exotic one with a breath of jungle, and why not in a palace from the age of Catherine the Great.

The choice is yours...

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