SS-2: Functional and Minimalist

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This modern and minimalist interior for a small apartment in the city center of Sofia shows an original approach to create a smarter urban living. With no extra luxury, the design is stylish and full of functional solutions that give optimum freedom to organize the limited space.

An elegant transformation of the living room turns this one-bedroom apartment into a place that could comfortably fit a three-person family. A private space with a small bed and a desk is defined right behind the sofa by a specially designed wooden furniture that creates a functional „wall“ splitting the room.

The door to the main bedroom is literally hidden in the wardrobe in the hallway that creates an illusion of no extra room to be there. The simple design in this room is of favour to yoga lovers suggesting a yoga mat spot next to the bed.

The popular online media for design - Design Milk has shared a few words about the apartment that fascinates with its small size and functional design - The SS-2 Apartment in Bulgaria Spans a Mere 48-Square-Meters.

SS-2 has been awarded in Category "Small Apartment" at the annual award ceremony of "House of the year" 2019 by Ideal home magazine.

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