Apartment Starbucks

  • Starbucks-nursery
  • Starbucks-bathroom
  • Starbucks-bedroom
  • Starbucks-kitchen-4
  • Starbucks-kitchen-3
  • Starbucks-kitchen-2
  • Starbucks-kitchen-1
  • Starbucks-livingroom-1
  • Starbucks-livingroom-2
  • Starbucks-livingroom-3
  • Starbucks-entre

The Starbucks apartment is a smart functional home, placed in the city centre of Sofia. The apartment is designed for a home of a young family. The interior project and architectural renovation of the place is created by ATG design.

The main colors are gray and white with accent colors of green and turquoise shades. Leading materials are marble – flooring and kitchen details; wood – tables, shelves and details; wool – carpet, details; leather – sofa and details.

The hidden niches are a key functional solution for storage spaces in the apartment concept. Could be found almost in each room but the most impressive is the electrical lifted back of the kitchen which hides and stores all necessary kitchen tools and ingredients.

The interior is award winner in BigSEE Interior Design Award 2020.


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