Emerald Residence: custom solutions and elegant finish

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The interior design, marked by the dominant emerald colour in its name, is a home to a family of three. The green shade is one of the favourite colours of the owner and is a classy and pleasant accent, found everywhere in the home.

The design of Emerald Residence combines custom design solutions that meet specific tasks in the space and answer the wishes of the owners. The elegant finish is the silver lining of the project, this is the strong presence of the bronze metals. They are also a counterpoint to the otherwise cold emerald, complementing it with a warm note.

It is important for the family that the common space is well lit, spacious and that everyone has their own spot in it. At the same time, in front of the large window in the living room there is an existing very old walnut tree, which is a wonderful accent and place a role of an art piece in the apartment. But its disadvantage is that when it leaves, it stops the flow of light into the home. The task of the studio was to deal with this case and for this purpose we tried to make the main room and spaces - living room, kitchen, entrance hall, as united as possible so that the light can reach all corners.

The fireplace is a very special element in any home. In this case, its incorporation should again resonate with our desire not to block the light and at the same time delicately present and create comfort. The solution was to open the fireplace so that it could be seen both by those standing on the couch and by the reading area next to the window. In this way we defined the library and the armchair as a separate place. And the presence of open fire makes it even more special for corner owners.

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