Coziness in the center of the capital

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Practical decisions and minimalist style win the 1st prize in category „Small apartment“ of the 23rd annual awards „House of the year – 2018“ by the Bulgarian magazine „Idealen Dom“ (Ideal home).

The apartment is only 40 sq.m. and is a great example of a modern interior fitted in the shell of an old flat in the heart of the Bulgarian capital! The design concept, in the first place, aims to reflect the spirit of a historical building, located 5 minutes away from the Sofia Opera. On the other hand, well-known tricks are used to create an illusion for a lot larger space: main room is split into two areas by a functional shelf, light and fresh colours with bold floral accents give the feeling of expanding the room (event in the tiny bathroom).

Altogether, the stylistics of the apartment emphasizes the harmonious atmosphere and the beauty lies in its practicality and rationality.

The interior has been awarded in Category "Small apartment" at the annual award ceremony of "House of the year" 2018 by Ideal home magazine.


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